If you were a dog, who would you like as the person you lived with? (Apart from yourself as a human.) Gosh, well, there are fortunately a lot of excellent choices.

I’m not saying that I would definitely want Cesar Millan as my person – mainly because he goes away a lot. But whoa, any guy who can rollerblade behind a giant pack of dogs including rehabilitated pit bulls and not just hold on to all their leashes, down a street, but smile and be in control of the situation, have the love and respect of all those dogs, some of whom maybe he hasn’t known very long – well, hot ssssst! He’s a legend as far as I’m concerned!

I love that scene of him rollerblading in the opening credits of his show. I pretty much don’t hear anything he says after that I’m so in awe. (I used to rollerblade with my first Malamute and it was GREAT until my dog took off, I wasn’t ready so grabbed a lamp-post, got wrapped around it like I was in a cartoon and the dog kept going! He was a sled dog after all. I can’t believe I didn’t dislocate my shoulder.)

Anyway, I just popped over to Cesar’s really wonderful and helpful website and saw his ‘tag line’ – apart from the marketing team hype “Achieving balance between people and dogs” – is “Stay calm and assertive”. Well, listen, I’m there. I’m adding that to my daily affirmations. “I am calm and assertive” Yes, that works for me. What a guy!

The big question today is: can Peta manage to NOT Tweet – @CesarMillan “I love yoo-woo-woo!”

It won’t be easy people.

The other question is could we get a free copy of Beef Casserole for the Dog’s Soul through all his ‘gates’ for him to read, enjoy, approve and maybe even write a review? It’s entirely possible since a main thrust behind the barkalicous stories is supporting the relationship between dogs and people. They are written to be emotionally supportive of the person, educate the new owner, offer subtle training support.


I’d love to know what Cesar thinks. Would he approve? He’s in Australia at the moment doing a tour. Hope he’s having fun and not missing his dog tribe too much. Man, is he in for some major licking and yes, I’m sure major JUMPING UP action from them when he gets home!


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