Today because of a couple of coincidences I am thinking about my first Malamute, Boo (Paharey Ttorque) pictured above. The first was Michael’s comment yesterday and I see he is involved in pet bereavement care and the second an email received this morning from a lovely Malamute person I had lost touch with.

So I thought it might be nice to post something I wrote about ten years ago after the loss of Boo. To help with my grieving process I would focus on the joy of what it was to have him as opposed to the sadness of him passing. Here is what I wrote, it’s not a definitive list of course:


Things my Boo taught me:

How to love unconditionally.

That it is important to welcome people with joy in your heart.

How to express excited happiness by running around crazy.

If you find something great you should treasure it – but let it go easily. (Like a great stick on a walk.)

Always be ready for, and open to, spontaneous play.

When you’re walking, stop and turn around so you don’t miss out on 180 degrees of life.

Be cautious where the waves are breaking.

Trust those who love you, even when you are scared or in enormous pain.

Sometimes you have to ask for things you want. Like a treat or a bone. You can swap something for it too.

How to be an opportunist.

How to be more spontaneous.

Smiling makes the world better.

To be strong and brave no matter what.

That even when you don’t understand something, (like a cat for instance) doesn’t mean you can’t love them and have fun with them – without trying to understand them.

How good it is to be yourself.

Food and water are very important.

Embrace new experiences and be intuitive at the same time.

It’s really easy to make people feel better and make them laugh.


As my mother said to me throughout my childhood, “animals are our teachers”.

Thank you Boo.

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3 thoughts on “Teach

  1. Hi – Thank you for visiting my blog. Yes, I am very proud to wave my flag tail. I enjoyed your blog and reading about the lessons Boo taught you. My mummy feels like our dog Zoe-who has gone over the rainbow bridge- taught her alot about love and live also. The love and wonder over the years does outweigh the pain of loss. Purrs. Confucius Cat aka Alley Mason

  2. So lovely to see handsome Boo again — I remember him so well! And gosh, he looks like he could be my Skye’s brother — those two dear ones! XXO

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