Have you read any of the many wonderful books available about the multifarious relationship between people and animals? Once you read one of these books, that’s it, you’ll want to read more and more, especially since you have found your people ‘tribe’ and it feels good to know that others feel as you do about animals.

Naturally, ahem, I have to begin with our new book – Beef Casserole for the Dog’s Soul. Beef Casserole for the Dog’s Soul is a little different from the others in that it is for dogs, and they need a person to read it to them, ideally a dog person. The others are just for you. I have included links to amazon and dogwise so you can check them out if you like.

Here’s my own personal top ten of books I have enjoyed very much indeed:

1. Beef Casserole for the Dog’s Soul, a treasury of barkalicious stories to read to your dog

2. Pack of Two by Caroline Knapp

3. Kindred Spirits, how the remarkable bond between humans and animals can change the way we live by Allen M. Schoen DVM, MS (I am lucky to have the old copy that has glorious pictures of a dog on the front and a cat on the back cover.)

4. The Nature of Animal Healing, the path to your pet’s health, happiness and longevity by Martin Goldstein DVM

5. Dogs Never Lie About Love (is this not the best title ever?! and the cover is gorgeous) AND The Nine Emotional Lives of Cats by Jeffrey Masson (in fact everything he’s ever written, including When Elephants Weep with Susan McCarthy. (And may I just say I have treasured signed copies of all these having met Mr Masson at a lecture and book signing he did in New Zealand in 2003!)

6. The Loss of a Pet, a guide to coping with the grieving process when a pet dies by Wallace Sife PhD – this is a hugely under-rated book, it is absolutely marvelous. I think the very best on grieving for your pet. I found it very healing.

7. Animals as Healers and Teachers, true stories and reflections by Susan Chernak McElvoy

8. How to be the Leader of the Pack … and have your dog love you for it by Patricia B McConnell, PhD  (this is great if you have a dominant dog or are a novice dog person. It is not a book but a booklet. I like her practical guidance on subtle communication with dogs who have issues.)

9. Homeopathic Care for Dogs and Cats, small doses for small animals by Don Hamilton DVM – if you’re thinking of getting just one book on homoeopathic care, this is it. And I have a bit of credibility here having been a formal student of Classical Homoeopathy (Animal and Human diploma courses). (Sorry George MacLeod and Christopher Day – but I do like your natural cat remedies book and I do refer to that!)

10. I was going to put the Monks of New Skete book here but changed my mind when I realised it was only nostalgia on my part since it was the first book I ever read on dog training but there are many others I would recommend over it now.


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