big kiss!2

Something tasty today. I thought I’d share one of my cat and/or dog treat recipes. Treats are really easy and fun to make for your dog or cat because even if they go horribly wrong the dog or cat is pretty much guaranteed to still eat them!

The only thing that’s a slight drawback for you but heaven for your dog or cat is the smell of these soft treats baking – ugh, the sweet aroma of fresh bread it ain’t. I think they enjoy the treats even more because they’ve been smelling them baking and they get all worked up about that smell. Our kitchen becomes quite frenetic what with 3 cats attempting to open the oven door and the dog telling them off. Let the impatient mews and whines begin!

Get some raw liver, cut it up and boil it with crushed garlic (optional). Once cooked (couple of minutes only) put it in a blender with some eggs and natural, plain yoghurt or cottage cheese or similar. Add enough flour, cooked brown rice, cornmeal or whatever is handy, oats are good too, to make a nice firmish dough.

Grease your baking tray, whatever size works for you, pour in mixture and bake on medium/high temperature until they look done. Cut into pieces straight away and leave to cool. They will be chewy except for bits around the edges. YUM!

Variations of this recipe are numerous!

* Photo is of Bubba kissing Andrew from Anita’s arms at Auckland Airport.


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