There was a sharp-intake-of-breath-silence on the blog yesterday because … we received our proof copy of Beef Casserole for the Dog’s Soul from the beautiful people at Blurb Inc.


It is wonderful. We are impressed with ourselves. Good dogs! Em, good people!

After the fluttering hearts quietened a little we read a few stories to our canine tribe member, Bubba. He has already heard all of the stories, as chief canine story tester he has heard them a lot! However rather than be jaded he was all perky as usual when he heard the familiar beginning, “Hey Bubba! It’s story time! Do you want a story Bubba? Are you ready?

We must confess this is in no small part because Bubba knows that a story always ends with a treat or a massage or a walk or something similar.

Apart from the novelty factor, and our back patting, we wanted to see if the book felt OK to hold while reading it to your dog. If it was comfortable to have in one hand while cuddling your dog, having them on your lap, squashing you on the sofa, pawing at you and so on. Yes, it has passed the test!

Buddy Dog and Christmas Dog (rather unseasonally but we have a festive fairy lover of gifts in our midst) stories were requested. Hi-paws all round!

Now we have to woof proof it thoroughly and try not to slobber on it too much.


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