Hold the front page! It’s the Fourth of July and we have  some fireworks going off here (metaphorically-speaking what with the canine and feline fraternity ‘n’all) because ta-ra! we managed to release Beef Casserole for the Dog’s Soul TODAY!

It’s a beautiful thing to tie-in with such an auspicious day of celebration – a day which is also an important family birthday so very meaningful for us here at Bibliopet.

The Dog was bathed, the sun came out, we managed to proof-read and make corrections, realised we haven’t sent out a single press release nor nothing … but look what we got now! Happy new kinda birthday to us! Woo-hoo!

We managed to take a photo (above) of his lordship Bubba being read a story in the fabulous new format of our actual BOOK by Mistress Peta. Stop laughing! No, do laugh because it is FUN and fun is good.


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