magnificent dog on bench

Do dogs have souls?

Wait a minute – do we have souls? What is a soul exactly anyway? I love how Deepak Chopra describes “soul” in a recent article he wrote for Care2.com:

“The soul is best understood not as a wispy ghost but as your true self, present in you at this moment. You don’t see it, although when you feel the impulse of love, you have contacted it. There can be no doubt that you have a self, therefore to step onto a new level, that of your true self, is not actually so formidable a task.”

So, yes, I do believe dogs have souls. Otherwise I guess I wouldn’t have written a book of stories to read to them called Beef Casserole for the Dog’s Soul LOL.

Here’s what a few other random people have to say on the question ‘do dogs have souls?’:

“Dogs definitely have souls, no two ways about it. I don’t care what any church or religious group says, I know for a fact that dogs have souls. Here’s the proof for my point; any creature capable of overcoming its built-in programming (instincts) and acting against its own survival in an act of heroic self-sacrifice, must therefore possess a soul. If it were truly “just an animal” it could not, and would not be able to, defeat its in-born programmed “hard-wired” instincts, and thus would always fight to save itself instead of bravely sacrificing its life to save other animals and humans.

“There are countless examples of dogs who were not trained as rescue animals, yet who gladly gave up their own lives to save others, and that capacity for self-sacrifice is absolute proof of the presence of a soul.” /Gary, Ontario, Canada

“The dogs spirit is connected to god it is like an angel. A part of God’s soul is inside of the dog. When it dies it returns to who created it for further instruction. God is love, love is inside the pet, love never dies it is immortal and it remembers all love given and received.” /Jasmine, New Jersey, USA

“There is a wonderful book called “The Souls of Animals” by Gary Kowalski that is very enlightening.” /Fran, Illinois, USA

“Well have no idea really but hope they have…   my dog was my best friend. I miss her…;-( /Ms D, UK

Dogs DO have souls. /Haley, Georgia, USA

Do you think dogs have souls?


6 thoughts on “Soul

  1. Oh goodness, don’t thank me! I am just a silly fool. 🙂 Of course, if the dogs had any idea what I was up to I might find myself with a few bite marks! All in good fun I say.

    And if anything, dogs have remarkably pure souls…

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