Bubba tagged as a good dog!

Bubba is looking askance because he’s watching one of his cats heading for the kitchen!

I’m warning you now I’m a person who likes going off on tangents. While my intention was to write about our temporary dog tags being featured on the moo.com blog and how honoured I am about that, I’m taking a tangent about the healing power of crystals for dogs.

Here’s the link – I was thinking of our dog tags and how cute Bubba’s ‘good dog’ one looks on his collar and how everyone smiles at him when he wears it, when I remembered the strange incident of the crystal I put on my first Malamute, Boo’s collar years ago.

I saw this beautiful, rough clear quartz crystal on a stall at Paddington Markets in Sydney. Ooo, that would look fantastic against Boo’s white fur chest I thought, it’s like a piece of mineral ice for a snow dog – plus, it has healing power.

I love the whole idea of dog jewellery, although this is the one and only time I have remotely practised it.

I put the beautiful crystal on a piece of black leather thonging tied it to Boo’s collar and whoa, how magnificent it was. I wondered why more people didn’t adorn their dog’s collars with healing crystals.

Well, em, maybe they knew better because here’s the freaky thang. The very next day as Boo walked into the kitchen and I turned to look at him it self-exploded!

No, I am not kidding! It didn’t touch anything, was against his soft, cushiony fur and yet – smash! It was in pieces on the floor. Now, I’m not wanting to frighten everyone or anything but whoa – all that stuff about the power of crystals is stuff I became very respectful about. It seems crystals vibrate and I can only guess that there was some kind of vibrational connection between Boo and the crystal that went to such a high frequency that the crystal exploded.

There was no injury of any kind to Boo. He didn’t even notice (laid-back kinda furdude). So I raced off to a get a book to study what the heck happened (no google back then) and all I could find to rationalise the whole thing was that when a crystal is ‘no longer needed’ it either gets lost or ‘breaks’.

So we now use lovely temporary dog tags with ‘good dog’ and ‘woof’ and ‘bow wow’ and suchlike for dog jewellery. If you’d like a couple of temporary dog tags, let me know and I’ll post them to you.

In the meantime, I’d love to know if anyone has any anecdotes about using crystals with their pets.


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