gent reads to his pup

Here’s an old dude reading to his dog in 1905.

Oh, wait! It’s Theodore Roosevelt!

Is the 26th President of the United States reading aloud to his sweet pup?

I guess a great man has to have some quality rest time while brokering peace between Russia and Japan in June 1905. Looks like he knew the benefits of a good book in one hand and a pup in the other. 

A year after this beautiful photo was taken he was awarded The Nobel Peace Prize.

[Photographer, sadly, unknown.]


One thought on “Weekend

  1. i love this photo of tr. i am presently finishing his biography and have become nchanted with all things theo. he was such a multifacetic man, loved the outdoors, was a family man, a great diplomat, a conservaionist, the list is endless.

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