Someone wants a story!

I am a bit slow on happening upon the notion of teaching your dog to read. What a cute idea!

Bonnie Bergin, Ed.D. and Sharon Hogan have written an ebook, that shows you how to teach your dog to read – and how to be an all-round good dog person.

Naturally, I much prefer the idea of reading to your dog. Of course, being an advocate of reading stories to dogs I must confess a bias.

On the other paw, I personally enjoy reading to myself and someone reading a story to me. So maybe it is the same with dogs? LOL

I can see how you can teach a dog to read. A dog would recognize words just as they recognize any other shape – toy, bone and so on – and attach that sound to the shape/picture/item/thing.

But what a lot of work for a dog, although it would certainly be fun for dogs who love learning and who’re very biddable.

I hope the folks who are teaching their dogs to read will relax afterwards by reading a story to their dog. Wouldn’t that be nice? It’s only fair.


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