Beautiful Mika at the RSPCA

Having clicked one of the links on my own site – Dog Adoption UK – I’m thinking this rainy weekend of people who may be visiting their local animal rescue center today or tomorrow.

How many rescue dogs will be finding their forever home this weekend?

How many will be expected to quickly and patiently manage the giant transition from kennel to loving family home? Do dogs go into emotional shock like we do? After checking out their bed, the kitchen, the people’s beds, the kitchen, the bathroom, the kitchen, do their eyes glaze over occasionally with the miracle of it all?

We know they have trust issues; dogs communicate with us very well when we listen and watch. How remarkable that rescue dogs are able to accept the joy they’ve found and love their new people, express obvious gratitude, even while trust has been breached.

How wonderful are the people who choose a rescue dog. Congratulations to all dogs and people who find each other this Labor Day Weekend.

Photo: “Mika” – this divine creature, this magnificent one-year old dog with knowing, wise and playful eyes is right now waiting for her forever person to arrive at last. I’m sure she’ll forgive their lateness in an instant. She has been at RSPCA Manchester and Salford Branch, UK, at least since April 09 – that’s 5 months.


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