winning smile!

Oh whoop-whoop! Thank you SO much if you took the time to enter your dog in our Giveaway to win a copy of Beef Casserole for the Dog’s Soul.

(The winner isn’t the dog in the photo above; that Pom just has a winning smile!)

It was an absolute joy for me to see your comments and the names of the darling dogs who were in to win:

Angel, Indi, Buddy, Irie, Dottie, Coco, Bandit/1/2/3/4, Bambi, Kayla, Jade, Zeus, Milele, Kouga, Nigel Buggers, Peaches, Muffins, Henry, Sylvia, Daisy, Petie, Harvey, Sadie, Maxie, Mr Mojo, Bob Barker, Jude, Snickers, Viking, Sierra, Loki, Pepper, Miguel, Penelope, Patty, Mischa, Trisha, Buddy, Baxter, Delilah, Minnie, Buffy, Pippi, Shiela, Bambina, Damien, Abby, Samson, Bentley, Bailey, Sugar, Foxy, Taffy, Kirby, Colby, Jasper, Kayla, Maebe, Boss, Ailis, Sophie, Skye, ‘c/o SnowWolf’, Bob, Lola, RA, Brittany, Khumbu, Larz, Sadie, Ruby, Sugar, Peanut, Spooky, Niqu, Loki, Belle, Frankie, Jasmine.

The WINNER is Peanut, the Boston Terrier! YAY!

Now, look, while we can safely presume that Bostons are definitely great listeners to stories what with those fantastic ears and all, I must mention Peanut’s win is a bone of contention with our Bubba dog having developed a tiny aversion to this particular breed after being ambushed a few years ago by two unruly Boston Terriers in the park! LOL.

I think he was going with his genes and rooting for the Northern breeds brigade. And our cats were crossing velvet paws for the dog whose person who has the “allmycats” email address! Except for our girl cat Indi who wanted the dog called Indi to win.

Personally I thought Boss the pit bull might get it because there is a dog called Boss in our story, Barking Dog, and a pit bull-cross in Stick Dog. We had a good representation of Chihuahuas and Precious Dog is a Chi so that could have been a go. And Sadie the Great Dane [swoon] at the other end of the scale.

And Siberian Huskies, incl. crosses too, and Clever Dog features a Sibe so again, that would have worked. We had a Belle in the draw and Tricky Dog is about a dog called Belle – and we had TWO dogs called Buddy in and we have a story all about Buddy Dog! How amazing is all that?!

Huge congratulations to Peanut, what a star! Oh, and Pat, Peanut’s person, of course! How wonderful. Thank you all so very much.


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