dog gets toddler to organise a drink of water

Dog trainers emphasise how important our attitude is when ‘training’ our puppies. Being confident, assertive and calm, visualizing a positive response from the dog. Yes. Dogs pick up on that, of course.

And if dogs are able to ‘receive’ these energetic signals, natural law dictates that they are also able to ‘send’. Animal communicators are skilled in tuning in to the frequency of signals dogs send out, sometimes in spectacular and surprising ways.

I find myself ‘tuning in’ to dogs much more mindfully nowadays. Of course, there are times we do this more intensely – when our dog is unwell, for example. I think as loving dog people we do this most of the time without even realising we’re doing it.

Right now at our house we are experiencing serious psychic phenomena twice a day! Maybe you’ve experienced the same thing. The exact same thing.

Here’s how it goes. I am doing something, I’m quite involved with it; folding towels, cutting up vegetables, writing an email. Suddenly, completely out of nowhere, I have the strong, alien idea of “lollipop”. “Bubba wants a lollipop”.

I look round and there is Bubba Dog staring at me. Then he tilts his head as in “Yes? that OK? Lollipop?” and begins heading for the kichen.

It’s freaking me out!

These doggy treat ‘lollipops’ were a gift from a cousin. There is a gigantic bag of them in the kitchen. Bubba has decided that he wants one twice a day – once in the morning and then after dinner. He lets me know when by politely asking using telepathy rather than paw at me or whine quietly. I oblige.

What else am I doing that Bubba has telepathically programmed me to do? Buy mince? Cook it with olive oil? Get canon bones – today?

I think children are particularly excellent at ‘hearing’ dogs and having a sense of what they want and getting it for them or giving it to them. In the photo above, who is to say what telepathic communication is going on there between the toddler and dog? Many people would apply a very simple rationale to this scenario like the child just enjoys seeing the dog drinking and so turns the water on. And, yeah, I am sure that is true. But what about what’s underneath the obvious? We don’t really know what’s going on energetically between this dog and child. I’d like to think they are in pure communion with each other.

Have you experienced telepathic connection with your dog? Leave a comment.


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