Amber & Robin

Gorgeous Amber the Airedale Terrier and her person Robin read Beef Casserole for the Dog’s Soul before writing a review on their blog!

We took this review very seriously since Amber (who lives with another Airedale, Krissy) is a rather literary dog being the companion of writer, Robin Reynolds and her family.

Robin is the author of the beguilingly charming book, Life to the Max, Maxims for a great life by a dog named Max.

Life to the Max is a beautifully soulful book – joyful and light and yet also profoundly spiritual and funny. We love it. It’s a perfect gift book for people of all ages.


2 thoughts on “Amber & Robin

  1. Peta luv,

    We were adding your website to our blogroll and found that you had added our picture here–how fun!

    For all of you who are looking for more fun things to do with your dog, look no further than “Beef Casserole for the Dog’s Soul!” It is a delightfully witty series of short tales that will satiate your appetite for a soulful connection to your dog! Amber was as interested as if I’d had a steak on my shoulder!!

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