dog-person harmony

Wow! Is it just me or does woman posing with her handsome Borzoi look like a Thoroughly Modern Millie? Well, wait for it – this picture of human and canine elegance and poise was taken in 1929!

Do you think it’s accidental that the woman’s tensely-drawn bow reflects the coiled spring of energy that is a Borzoi; ready to fly at incredible speed like an arrow? This is a gorgeous visual representation of dog-person simpatico.

(P.S. Remember that snowy scene in the movie Orlando when he/she is out on the ice with a magnificent troop of Borzois?)

Photographer: G.Riebecke


One thought on “Weekend

  1. kargi postia..am mouxcebis rcheva daigebebi amovida yelshi. gvesmis ro gamocdileba bevrs shveba, magram axali dro modis da taobebi icvlebian, amas ver sheeguvnen ra. ://

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