(pretend wolves anyways…)

I thought you might like to know where Bubba and I have wandered off to recently, given the lack of recent posts. His naturally wolfish supermodel skills have been exercised in photographs for my new Inner Wild, wilderness wear for dearhearts shop.

Notice how interested he is in my Inner Wild Warmers. That’s because he connects me putting them on to us going for a walk. They are great for having your fingers free but hands warm while dog walking.

When we are wandering about, sniffing the breeze and peeing on trees, (him, not me) I am reminded of how wonderful it is to have a dog and therein a very good reason to be out in the howling wind, snow and sleet.

Amazingly, even while we have had many days of walks on slippery ice this winter, I have not yet become a human sled behind my snow dog!


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