Helen James and Freddie

It’s a really big deal when your puppy turns 1.

It’s a milestone of achievements for you and your dog; learning about each other’s nature, creating boundaries for your pup, setting them up for success, being consistent and providing a loving home for your canine companion.

Not to mention your success surviving lack of sleep during toilet training, standing in the rain patiently waiting for your puppy to stop sniffing and poo already so you can get back to bed, enjoying an actual walk as opposed to helping your puppy walk nicely on leash, not getting angry about the chewing of slippers etc and managing to remain calm and kind and fair in sometimes challenging situations ……..ah.

It’s no wonder more and more folks mark their puppy’s 1st Birthday with a proper celebration.

Here is the glorious Freddie the Golden Retriever with his folks, James and Helen at his puppy party. What a good boy!

Freddie now mentors puppies! He’s a grand, calm and sweet-natured boy of 5 years now and has a very important job at James’ Heart of the Family Pet Care.

Freddie helps socialize puppies with James, just like Daddy did with Cesar as well as keeping the dogs of clients who are away on holiday company on walks and doggy adventure days with James.


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