Freddie's First Book

Freddie is listening to Puppy Dog from A Dog’s Book of Tales. His person, Helen, is reading him the Kindle version on her laptop. But Freddy’s favorite is Cat Dog.

Helen and James are Heart of the Family Petcare. They’ve decided to offer Beef Casserole for the Dog’s Soul bedtime stories to dogs boarding with them while their people are on holiday.

Helen has always read books to Freddie, right from when he was a puppy.

“These Beef Casserole for the Dog’s Soul stories are fantastic,” said James. “Helen has been reading them to Freddie and he’s now sleeping like a log on the couch.

“Our favorite so far is Cat Dog as Freddie used to stay with three cats, one of whom was called Blackie too, (his big sister, she passed in December) and it was such a lovely story – go the Cat King!”

Which story does your dog like best?


2 thoughts on “Freddie’s favorite story

  1. Hiya. Sorry its been so long since we have been in touch, things have been mega busy here. James and I have just had a wee baby boy Lewis. Freddie is being the perfect big brother as you can imagine. Freddie still loves his story time and I cant wait till Lewis can help me read to him. Hope all is well with you. Give me an email if you have time and we can catch up properly. Love Helen xxx

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