betsy + beau

Betsy reads Beau ‘Tricky Dog’. “A friend gave me Beef Casserole for the Dog’s Soul – gave it to me for Beau” says Betsy.

“I thought it was a bit silly at first, but then I realized I talk to Beau all the time so reading to him is not that big a leap.

“Beau is getting old now, he’s 15, so he spends a lot of time resting. Reading to him is a really nice way for us to be together. In the old days we’d be out and about but now we like reading indoors, especially on rainy days.

“Beau likes Tricky Dog best. I love how there are tricks to teach your dog. Beau was really good at tricks when he was younger and one time we put a doll’s skirt on him like those old fashioned circus dogs in children’s books!

“I think the real reason Tricky Dog is his favorite is because he has a friend called Belle and he likes hearing her name when I’m reading it.” [Belle is the heroine of the story].

“The Belle we know is a cute Shitzu. Beau and Belle. Too cute. i might invite Belle over for a reading party with Beau and send you pics!

“Thank you Peta for Beef Casserole for the Dog’s Soul. It is a precious idea and the stories are so sweet. People without dogs have no idea of the love we feel for our furkids. It’s really nice when our bond is supported in such a tender way. I really love reading to Beau. Now he’s not so active, I’ll do it until the day he dies.”

Thank you Betsy, and Beau! Betsy and Beau are using the previous paperback edition which featured Bubba’s dad, Gizmo, on the cover. The new cover design is now available on amazon. Whoop!

I’d love to feature your dog and you enjoying Beef Casserole for the Dog’s Soul {pics of puppies chewing it also welcome!}. Email pics and name details to petalove@bibliopet.com.


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