Andy. Oh Andy. Could your face be any more magnificent? Andy is my Etsy friend Jamie’s 3 year old rescue dog. {She has ShopOnALark I have InnerWild on Etsy.}

We were talking about Jamie’s glorious new online store, Napa Valley Home and Garden, and I mentioned my book of stories for dogs. Jamie immediately sent me a pic of Andy and ordered Beef Casserole for the Dog’s Soul on Amazon, “He is quite a character and would love to be read to!” she said.

Jamie told me Andy’s story – “His mom was rescued by a pitbull organization when she was tied up outside an animal shelter ready to give birth.


“She had 13 puppies!” said Jamie. “We know who she is, but the dad is a mystery. I chose him because he looked like a little chocolate lab. Well, lo and behold, he grew a beard, feathery nose and a mohawk of pure white on top of his head!”


Of course Andy is a terrier X, “He is VERY smart (good and bad!) We love him so much and cannot wait to read him some stories.


I can’t wait to find out how Andy likes Jamie reading to him! Maybe he’ll like Clever Dog? Whatever, wouldn’t you just love to run your fingers over that feathery-lovely face?!


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7 thoughts on “Andy, it’s story time! Do you want a story Andy?

  1. Hi Y’all!

    Me again. Thanks for followin’. Followed you back!

    Y’all come back now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  2. Look at that handsome guy! Well, I guess i am a little bias, he is my sweet doggy after all! 🙂
    What a nice post. I am so happy we met through Etsy and cannot wait to read Andy some more stories! xo

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