andy and jamie

You saw him here in all his whiskery glory – now here’s Andy having his first story treat. He’s not looking very happy about it – I blame the super comfy cushion – also he’s not wearing his reading glasses.

I’m giving you the photo in full color as well so you can get a better look at those grand whiskers {yes, I AM fixated!}:

andy and jamie_2

Ah, you see, now his person Jamie of Napa Valley Home and Garden and ShopOnALark has mentioned the word ‘TREAT’! –>

andy and jamie2

“Treat you say?”


One thought on “Andy’s first story treat

  1. Treat IS the magic word for Mr. Andy! My daughter had fun reading to him when she was visiting this past weekend too! Lots of whiskery love here, thank you so much!

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