P1120318Look at all this love here. You’d think these two had been together since Dave was a pup. No.

These photos were taken only two days after Fraser gave Dave his forever home. Dave, {his new name, previously he was just the number that’s badly tattooed inside his ear} as you can see, is a magnificent, sweet and intelligent boy.

Until he was rescued by Greyhound Rescue in Glasgow from having a bolt shot through his head, he was raced for profit in racing showgrounds in Glasgow, Scotland.


Doesn’t it make your heart sing to see a dog and person so instantly bonded? Meant to be.


It’s really challenging for rescue dogs to adapt to their forever homes, to trust people again, to allow themselves to be cared for.


And yet they sense the authentic love, patience and acceptance of those who adopt them, such new and strange energies for them to feel, and little piece by little piece they give of themselves utterly and make our world a place of beauty.


This beauty of forgiveness that dogs like Dave show us is miraculous when we think of the days, months and years of cruelty dogs like Dave have been subjected to.


Reading to your rescue dog is a wonderful way to help their rehabilitation. Quiet bonding time that lets your new dog know through your voice, your tone, your attention and your peacefulness that they are safe now. They are safe now, with you.



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