ear and copy

Dogs prefer stories about dogs, definitely. While it’s lovely to share aloud another kind of story or even something from a magazine the fun for both of you is short-lived, and mostly fun for you. The dog liked it because you gave them your attention.

But when you’re reading a story about a dog, like those in Stories for My Dog, you’re thinking about dogs and in particular you’re thinking about the dog you’re reading to – the dog picks up on that from emotional cues and is more attentive. More attentive means more connected to you.

Reading a dog story in your {more animated} dog-speak voice and saying words you know your dog likes to hear like, “ball”, “dog”, “treat” just makes it more rewarding for both of you. The dog loves it, and you love your dog loving it.

Scientists share their research findings about dog-speak being important to bonding between dogs and people here.



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