Piper 11 weeks

Dogs love and thrive on routine. So do people. We all behave better.

It’s a good idea to make reading a story to your dog part of your daily routine. Why? Because for different reasons this will become one of you and your dog’s most favorite times of the day.

Your dog will come to expect and feel reassured by this luxurious activity – a few minutes when they receive your full attention, even your words, but are not being asked to do something. They hear you talking to them and they’re listening {for key words, of course!} and it’s fun.

You will enjoy the relaxing time you have to unwind and connect with your dog, smiling at their reactions to your reading to them. You’ll see your dog in a new light of understanding.

Also, by doing it every day you’ll feel less inhibited, you’ll get really good at reading aloud to your dog, maybe even as good as a child reading to their dog, you’ll talk more to your dog, you’ll loosen up emotionally and that’s a fine thing.

The first time grown-ups read a story to their dog can feel awkward for dog and person because it’s new territory. But please, don’t leave it there, do it again the next day and stay with it – you will be so glad you did.

Just let the joy in, you will have such good times together reading Stories for My Dog.

Stories for My Dog is also kind of an activity book for dogs and their people. Each story ends with a fun activity, a walk, a treat, a cuddle – or in the case of the story of Tricky Dog, learning a new trick. This positive reinforcement creates a love association for your dog so that they can’t help but look forward to you reading to them again, {which is in turn rewarding for us!}.

Over time you’ll notice you have an even deeper understanding of your dog, more fun in your life and more open lines of communication!



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