boo baby ice

When I took my first Malamute puppy, Boo, {above} home way back in the 1990’s I was lucky in having the support of a conscientious breeder.

When my puppy ate most of the sofa I called her. When he chewed up my camera I called her. When he choked and nearly died at 3am I called her as soon as the sun came up.

Her support made those puppy months so much easier. She gave me great advice, “remember he’s only a puppy for a short time so enjoy it”, for example.

Not everyone is so lucky. Living with your new puppy can be a huge shock to your life. Learning about patience – you, not your puppy. Finding out about enzymes that might remove the smell of dog pee from when you slept through puppy whining to go out.

I wrote Puppy Dog to help puppies relax and feel safe. I also wanted to help new puppy folk feel supported so that in turn this would help their puppy. So it’s a reassuring story.

Reading Puppy Dog to your pup will not only help you through those tricky times, it also helps with your dogs behaviour because you’re building trust. As my breeder said to me, “whatever you put in to your puppy in the first 3 years you get back for the rest of their life”. This helped me raise joyful puppies into beautiful well-mannered dogs.

I hope it helps you too.


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