Which barkalicious story treat will your dog like to hear first? Have a look through the titles and see which one grabs you. The more it moves you the more your dog will love hearing you tell it.

Dogs like to carry the paperback edition of Stories for My Dog to their people to ask for Story Time. But Kindle makes it much easier to read with your dog anywhere, anytime. Mind the drool!

It also allows you to buy single barkalicious stories like Buddy Dog or Puppy Dog for 99c for yourself or to give to dog- lovin’ friends and family. I like that 99c is what we’d pay for an edible doggy treat.

Or if you want more treats, like a box of them, download all 19 barkalicious story treats in the Stories for My Dog anthology ebook or paperback. Woo!

  1. buddy ebook cover 1. barking dog ebook cover 1. angel dog ebook cover 1. bone dog ebook cover  1. city dog ebook cover1. BS cat dog ebook cover 1. glam ebook cover1. crazy dog ebook cover1. clever ebook cover    1. heavenly ebook cover (was sad) 1. hero ebook cover1. farm ebook cover 1. puppy ebook cover1. precious ebook cover  1. silly ebook cover1. stick dog ebook cover1. unwell (was sick) ebook cover 1. christmas ebook cover 1. tricky ebook cover

Click on any cover just for fun.

Choose from Puppy Dog | Silly Dog | Heavenly Dog | Farm Dog | Barking Dog | Precious Dog | Clever Dog | Glam Dog | Stick Dog | Angel Dog | Cat Dog | Bone Dog | Tricky Dog | City Dog | Hero Dog | Crazy Dog | Unwell Dog | Buddy Dog | Christmas Dog


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